Renault Kwid Gets Seven New Colour Options in India

Renault Kwid Gets Seven New Colour Options in India

Renault Kwid gets seven new colour options with distinctive body graphics; available in 800 cc, 1.0L MT and 1.0L AMT variants

Renault Kwid has made the French brand what it is today in the domestic market. Finding a sweet spot in the affordable first-time buyers’ space since its launch, the Kwid has been one of the few new products to have achieved applaud-able sales numbers in recent numbers whilst being a non-Maruti-Suzuki offering.

The success of the Kwid hatchback cannot be undermined as Renault’s market share in India and its growth as a brand majorly dependent on the back of its auspicious sales. It must be admitted that Renault has done a good job in leveraging the popularity of the Kwid and subsequent introduction of new variants broadened the scale of offering.

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Renault launched a slightly bigger 1.0-litre engine onto the Kwid, an AMT transmission and an all-new Climber variant with sporty visual additions. In order to have the global CMF-A platform based model fresh and appealing and to counterbalance the rivalry from the myriad of Maruti Suzuki small cars in the budget segment, Renault has now revealed seven different body graphics to the lineup.

As part of the ‘Live For More’ collection, the names of each colour schemes are nothing but a little exaggerating. Nonetheless they bode well for the SUV-esque body-styled Kwid just by looking at them in pictures. Sports, Race, Rally Cross, Chase, Ziipp, Turbo and Classic are the names Renault Chose to go with. The new colour options would not come with any new feature additions and the equipment list remains similar.

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Renault has made the paint schemes flexible as they can be ordered in the 800 cc variant as well as the 1.0-litre model and its AMT derivative with different price premiums. Under the skin, the 800 cc petrol engine is good enough to pump out a maximum power output of 53 bhp and 72 Nm of peak torque. Meanwhile, the slightly powerful 1.0-litre motor kicks out 67 bhp and 90 Nm of torque. A five-speed manual gearbox is provided as standard while the AMT is present only in the 1.0-litre version.

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