Reckless Truck Driver Rams Into 12 Cars Causing A Huge Pileup, 4 Killed

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Four people got killed and thirteen injured in a massive pileup along Thoppur Ghat in Tamil Nadu as a trucker showed no intention of slowing down

You could have seen scenes like these orchestrated in movies, but when it happens live they just send shivers down the spine. We do not often come across multi-car pileups in India but here is that frightening scenario and it could turn deadly in a matter of split seconds. In Tamil Nadu, as in other states, the multi-lane roads are filled with heavy trucks and maneuvering through them is a difficult task in itself.

Here is a gruesome accident, viewers discretion is advised, which led to four people getting killed and thirteen other injured as a heavy truck rammed into cars standing ahead causing a multi-car pileup in a dramatic fashion, as no intention of stopping was shown through the notorious Thoppur Ghat in the Dharmapuri district. The reckless driver of the truck was said to have fled the scene.

Even worse, the cars slowed down as an effect of a previous incident. Navigating through that particular ghat section, especially for vehicles with high payload, has often described as a trickery and there has been a number of incidents in recent times. Despite the multi-lane roads, the exponential increase in traffic over the last ten years won’t do any good for the safety of the travelers.

The horrifying accident led to heavy traffic for a few kilometres along the Salem-Bengaluru National Highway yesterday. Earlier in the day, an accident involving a mini van and a two-wheeler led to the chaos as a big line of traffic was created in the busy winding highway through the ghat sections, connecting people travelling to main districts like Salem and Coimbatore.

The carnage, involving as many as twelve cars, two mini truck and a motorcycle, was highly unsettling as videos of people passing through the wreckage certainly proved that we are just living in the moment. The terrible layout of the highway was blamed by many along with the human negligence we often see in our roads causing huge mishaps.

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Many locals claim that the roads have to be redesigned and a couple of years ago, NHAI (National Highways Authority of India) officials, traffic police and engineers looked into the road and presented a new plan costing around Rs. 140 crore but it has not come into fruition yet.