Ranger Korat’s Custom Ducati Panigale 899 Is A Sci-Fi Masterpiece

Custom Ducati Panigale 899-6

Check out this beautiful-looking customised Ducati Panigale 899, built by Ranger Korat, which looks like it rolled out of a sci-fi movie

Ducati Panigale 899, a stunning beauty straight from the factory gates of Bologna, is not typically a bike one would expect to see heavily customized. Yet, breaking all conventions, Thailand’s Ranger Korat has dared to transform this superbike into a sci-fi masterpiece. With a custom design that exudes pure design brilliance, this Panigale 899 looks like a captivating creation from an alternate universe.

The custom fairing is at the heart of this extraordinary build – a true visual marvel. It gets massive intake scoops on each side, along with strategically placed vents towards the rear. We also see a pair of captivating winglets adorning the bottom, invoking the spirit of a fearless fighter pilot. The fairing is elegantly capped off with a yellow Perspex screen, seamlessly blending the vintage theme with modern design elements.

Ranger Korat has also crafted the tail section, making it incredibly sharp and sporty. The single seat is beautifully sculpted, but with a rather slim padding though! Adding a gritty touch to the overall flamboyance, a Termignoni exhaust, enveloped in exhaust wrap, injects a raw, industrial essence into the otherwise flashy machine. This choice adds an element of contrast and personality, reinforcing the custom build’s distinct identity.

Custom Ducati Panigale 899-2

The black wheel cover at the rear, skillfully obscuring the rear brakes and wheel spokes, cleverly mimics the appearance of old-school steel wheels, amplifying the aura of old-school industrial aesthetics. The sheer otherworldly appearance of Ranger Korat’s creation looks dynamic even when standing still!

Beneath the mesmerizing exterior lies a Ducati bred for the racetrack, its racing pedigree hidden beneath the layers of custom craftsmanship. Details about the powertrain are scarce, but the Panigale 899 offers plenty of performance in stock condition. With its scarce bodywork and aerodynamic fairing, we expect better acceleration and top speed on this custom model.

Custom Ducati Panigale 899-3

Ranger Korat’s Ducati Panigale 899 transcends the ordinary and ventures into a realm where imagination knows no boundaries. This superbike leaves onlookers spellbound with its sci-fi appeal, vintage allure, and industrial grit into a single, jaw-dropping machine. Undeniably, this remarkable creation represents the pinnacle of audacious customization, reminding us that true artistry knows no limits.

Pics Source: Rangerkorat