Pune Traffic Police Fines Royal Enfield Owners And Other Bikes With Loud Silencers


The Traffic Police in Pune has taken action against owners of Royal Enfield and other motorcycles with modified silencers

In yet another crackdown on motorcycles sporting illegal modifications, Pune Traffic Police nabbed and fined owners of as many as 25 motorcycles today. A total fine of Rs 25,000 was collected from these offenders. Most of the motorcycles that have come under the scanner of the police sport illegally modified silencers.

The action taken by the Pune traffic police is in sync with the drive against vehicles with loud aftermarket/modified exhausts that is being conducted by the police forces of various cities. As can be seen in the image, a Hero MotoCorp Passion motorcycle that seems to be fitted with a non-stock silencer has been caught by the police.

This also means that the drive against vehicles with loud silencers has been extended to the non-Royal Enfield motorcycles. Hence, any motorcycle owner who has been using such illegal silencers should switch back to stock exhaust in order to avoid police action.

According to sections of the Motor Vehicle Act, any non-authorized addition to a motor vehicle is illegal. One needs to get any such change made to his vehicle endorsed by the RTO on the vehicle’s registration certificate. The police force can not only collect heavy fines from the offenders but can also impound the vehicles. They can even arrest the erratic owner in case of a repeat offence.


It may be noted here that one should refrain from using such modified/aftermarket exhaust on their motorcycles and cars. Not only is using such vehicles against the Motor Vehicle Act, but illegally modified silencers can also have a bad effect on the vehicle’s engine.

Also, most such illegal silencers cause a lot more pollution than the stock units. Moreover, such loud exhausts disturb the peace of the neighborhood and can also affect the health of people with anxiety issues. Any sort of aftermarket silencer can be used only private roads, where the Motor Vehicle Act doesn’t apply.