Puncture Gang Caught Red Handed in Mumbai-Pune Expressway


Puncture Gang caught red handed; the gang including bikers, car mechanics have been scamming the car owners in he Mumbai-Pune Expressway

Ever heard of a ‘puncture gang’? Well, you might not, but it has caused several car owners losing money in Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Anuragh Bhatia, a banking professional describes what happened to his boss and colleagues.

On the Mumbai-Pune Expressway cars are more or often approached by bikers, who indicate that the tyres are flat. Meanwhile when the owner stops for repairing the tyre to some mechanic, suspecting a leak or lower air pressure, he or she becomes the target of the frauds. The mechanic explains, the tyre has leaks, and eventually he founds nearly 20 leaks one after another.


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In the meantime his accomplices keep the car owner busy in conversation. While acting like repairing the leaks of the tyre, the mechanic makes more leaks to the other tyre as well. This way these frauds earn more than Rs. 2000 from every car owner.

Anuragh’s boss, who was travelling to Pune was one of the victims, who lost Rs. 2650 for the repairing of 21 punctures. Interestingly, when he got home, he found his another front tyre is also punctured at 28 spots. After that Anuragh and his colleagues trapped the mechanic and his accomplices, and eventually the local police arrested the frauds. Due to non cognizable offence the offenders were released soon after and they are continuing what they have been doing.

Puncture Gang

To save yourself from such scums, here are some tips you should follow. Don’t always believe a person pointing toward a flat tyre or low pressure. Stop the car at come crowded place and check yourself. Try to fill the air in your car’s tyres from reputed shops or petrol pumps. Whenever in doubt, use the stand by wheel. When you have no option than repairing the tyres, always keep a close eye on the mechanic. And don’t forget to report such incidents to the police.

Source: Anuragh Bhatia