Production-Spec Tesla Cybertruck Leaked In Video – New Details

tesla cybertruck leaked 1
Image Source: Facebook/TomDilbeck

The production version of the Tesla Cybertruck will reportedly be showcased only in the first quarter of the next calendar year

The production-spec Tesla Cybertruck appears to have been spotted but it remains sceptical whether it is the real deal or not. Going into details, the black coloured Outside Rear View Mirrors in rectangular shape can be clearly seen along with a large windscreen wiper, prominent black plastic cladding around the wheel arches and rocker panels, etc.

The massive wiper is certainly odd and even Elon Musk admitted that there is no easy solution as deployable wiper that stows in front trunk would be ideal, nevertheless complex. The Cybertruck created quite a buzz when it was unveiled by Musk back in 2019 but in comparison, the video shows the prototype having minor changes as it remains identical to the show car in many ways further questioning its legitimacy.

The electric pickup truck concept had no physical door handles and curiously, the prototype in the video did not feature any too. It rides on a set of Y-shaped wheels having identical design to that of the Model 3 sedan. The design from a science fiction movie boasts a heavily raked front windshield, light bar, updated bumper, boxy front and rear profile, a large greenhouse, etc from the concept exist.

Recent media reports indicated that the road-going Tesla Cybertruck’s launch has been delayed further as it will reportedly be showcased only in the first quarter of the next calendar year. It will likely be subjected to the American electric car manufacturer’s strategic plans and the impact of the global health crisis and the chip shortage as well.

Last month, Musk wrote on Twitter that the pickup truck will be propelled by four electric motors with independent “ultra fast” response torque control on each wheel. Previously, Tesla revealed that the Cybertruck would have three variants with a single-, dual- and triple motor setup.

With three electric motors, it is said to do zero to 96 mph in 2.9 seconds. But the competition is really on the rise, and Tesla could have opted to go for a more powerful setup.