Peugeot in Talk with Tata Motors for Collaboration in India

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Peugeot in Talk with Tata Motors for Collaboration in India, Sanand Facility to be Shared, could share platforms and engines and come with their own car as well

Peugeot is trying its best to make a comeback to the country After it made a silent exit from the Indian automotive market back in the year 2001. However, there are have been a lot of factors including which stopped Peugeot. The slowdown in the European market and unfavourable market conditions until now kept Peugeot away. However, the car market is now rising and it is now all set to finally come to India once again and the Peugeot is in talks with Tata Motors for a partnership to help them make cars here in India.

Previously, Tata has been known for joining hands with Fiat but that story will be different from this one as this time around it is planning to share platforms and engines. Meanwhile, Mahindra, Hindustan Motors and General Motors were also considered. Peugeot thinks Tata seems to fit the bill for this contract.

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Tata’s plant isn’t running at full steam and the huge factory can cater to other manufacturer and meet their initial demands which lower than the main stream manufacturers. Peugeot bucket list included a carmaker which has good market reputation along with high spare parts distribution channel and popular positioning in the market to collaborate with.

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For Peugeot and Tata, this partnership will see both companies extend the time and investment and hence providing a better outcome. Which seems better than starting from scratch with a huge amount of money. The Peugeot has a large portfolio of cars and one that would be deemed fit for India will be the 208 hatchbacks 2008 crossover and 308 sedans.

Report also suggest’s that Peugeot is looking at the sharing the high-tech 2.0-litre DW10 diesel engine from the Jaguar Land Rover, a Tata-owned company. An engine which help the company sells its high-end sedans and crossover at ease which said to be locally made very soon completely.

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