Nissan Mocked Tesla Model 3 in its New Leaf Advertisement

Nisan Leaf is a fully electric driven compact hatchback


Tesla stirred quite a ripple in the automotive world with its latest electric car Model 3, which the American automaker unveiled few days ago. The Tesla Model 3 has already garnered nearly 4 lakh bookings prior to its launch in 2017. Now, as it seems, Japanese automaker Nissan has turned Tesla Model 3’s popularity a point for its own advertisement. Yes, Nissan has mocked the Tesla Model 3 with its own Nissan Leaf compact hatchback which is a fully electric car.

The Japanese automaker has been one of the largest automaker when it comes to making electric vehicles. The company has published an advertisement; which says, “Why wait when you can drive an all electric Leaf now?” The advertisement also says, “Why drop $1000 to stand in line when you can get $4000 cash back and best in class range?” Well, the thing is that, Nissan Leaf is already on sell, while the prospective buyers of Tesla Model 3 have to wait till 2017, as the electric sedan is expected to hit the showrooms in 2017 only. The customers can book the Tesla Model 3 for an amount of $1000, while the car will cost a total of nearly $35000. On the other hand, the entry level Nissan Leaf comes with a price tag of $29010. So, the Japanese automaker just tried to turn these two points in its favor.

India bound Tesla Model 3 launched-2
Tesla Model 3 is expected to launch in 2017

The base variant of Nissan Leaf compact hatchback is powered by a 24 KWh lithium ion battery, which makes the car able to cruise up to 135 kilometers on a single charge. The upper variant of the Nissan Leaf SV gets a 30 KWh lithium ion battery, which enables the car to cruise up to 172 kilometers. The Tesla Model 3 on the other hand will come in two different variants. The base variant will be powered by a 60 KWh battery pack, which will enable it to cruise up to 346 kilometers on a single charge, while the top variant will get a 70 KWh battery enabling the car to cruise up to 450 kilometers.

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