Next-Gen Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Teased, Global Debut Soon

Next-Gen Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Teased 1

The highly anticipated fifth-gen Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is set to be unveiled soon, with retro-inspired design and exceptional offroad capabilities

In a recent teaser, Toyota provided a glimpse of the next-generation Land Cruiser Prado, juxtaposing its sleek silhouette against the timeless FJ40 Land Cruiser from the 1960s. This hints at the forthcoming model’s bold, boxy and retro-inspired design. Inspired by its cousin, the new Lexus GX, this SUV exudes a commanding presence that pays homage to its heritage.

Beneath the captivating exterior, the Land Cruiser Prado shares more than just visual similarities with its Lexus counterpart. Built on a common TNGA-F platform and boasting shared powertrain options, these vehicles share a strong foundation. However, Toyota will add unique touches to the Prado, infusing it with a distinct personality while honouring its Land Cruiser lineage.

There’s no word on the powertrains yet, but as per speculations, the forthcoming SUV could get both petrol and diesel engine options. A petrol-electric hybrid option will likely be available as well. We expect both manual and automatic transmission choices to be offered on the new Land Cruiser Prado. The equipment list will likely be impressive too, going by how loaded the LC300 is.

Next-Gen Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Teased

Interestingly, the next-generation Toyota Land Cruiser Prado will make its way to the US market under just the “Land Cruiser” moniker. Poised to captivate American enthusiasts, this rugged SUV will position itself above the 4Runner, showcasing its impressive off-road capabilities and timeless charm.

While anticipation for the Land Cruiser Prado grows worldwide, Indian consumers will have to stay patient. The SUV likely won’t make it to our market for a year or two. The Land Cruiser 300, for instance, has a global waitlist exceeding two years, and it was only sold in the Indian market in limited numbers. Nevertheless, the new Prado will surely find a strong demand in the Indian market whenever it arrives.

The next-gen Land Cruiser Prado is slated to make its global debut in the coming months. It will likely go on sale in the US market in 2024, and then make its way to other markets later. With a retro-inspired design, powerful and reliable engines, brilliant off-road abilities, and premium features, it is sure to be a hit.