Modified Royal Enfield Interceptor By The Bike Shed Motorcycle Club

Modified Royal Enfield by The Bike Shed Club 4

Royal Enfield has collaborated with The Bike Shed Motorcycle Club, Los Angeles, to create some custom bikes based on the Interceptor 650

Royal Enfield motorcycles are quite a popular choice among custom bikers. We’ve seen plenty of examples of modified bullets, ranging from lightly customised to utterly unrecognisable. The ones we have here lie somewhere in the middle, and are some of the most beautiful concept bikes we’ve seen in a while.

The images featured here are sketches prepared by The Bike Shed, a motorcycle club based in Los Angeles, USA. These designs have only been created digitally at the moment. Still, we love the way these motorcycles look especially due to their raw, brat-style looks.

Modified Royal Enfield by The Bike Shed Club 2

All the motorcycles featured here have a minimalistic design, with plenty of attention to detail. Every motorcycle features a short, upswept custom exhaust, except for two, one which only has a short free-flow exhaust and the other has scrambler-style high-mounted pipes. One of these also has a wooden finish on the engine head and cover, along with golden 3D detailing on the silver tank and airbox.

Our favourite though, is the one with the solid, spoke-less wheels. Compared to the others, this one isn’t quite as outlandish, although its Ducati Diavel-esque headlight design and tiny instrument cluster grab our attention. The tank features a contrasting dual-tone colour (black and white), while the rest of the bike sport darker colours. The upswept exhaust has a custom can, which looks quite brilliant. The tail section has been shortened, along with the seat, and a tiny round brakelight has been added.

Modified Royal Enfield by The Bike Shed Club 1

Although it hasn’t been revealed if the Bike Shed will tinker with the engine, we hope they do! The 647.9cc parallel-twin engine produces 48 PS and 52 Nm in stock condition, which although not bad, isn’t too great either. It comes mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox. With some basic ECU retuning and a performance air filter, these modified Interceptors would be able to generate a few more horses.

There would more significant gains if the bore of the engine is increased! That, however, might not happen, as Royal Enfield motorcycles aren’t about outright power, rather about lazy riding and touring fun. We’re sure the Bike Shed would want to preserve the essence of the RE with their custom builds.