Modified Maruti Gypsy Looks More Stylish And As Rugged As Ever

Maruti Suzuki Gypsy

DC NorthEast has infused some freshness into the dated by highly capable off-roader by giving it a modified styling package that brings in many new elements

The Maruti Gypsy enjoys a cult following in our country and is surely among the most successful cars to have ever been on sale in the country. Unfortunately, much to the dismay of many enthusiasts, the Maruti Gypsy was discontinued earlier this year due to its inability to conform to the BSNVAP safety norms.

However, the SUV continues to enjoy a huge fan following and is especially very popular in the aftermarket circuit. Recently, a modified Maruti Gypsy from DC NorthEast has surfaced online and impressed everyone with the subtle but effective modifications it carries.



The modified Maruti Gypsy from DC NorthEast has a blue base paint and a contrasting white roof, which gives the SUV a somewhat unique look. The modified SUV even gets a one-of-a-kind hardtop that ends much before the terminal edge of the vehicle. This results into a small boot that can be used to store luggage.

At the front, this modified Maruti Gypsy gets projector headlamps, a revised grille and a new bumper. These elements work together pretty well to give this car a unique appearance when viewed front on. The bumper even features LED lights that aid illumination.


In the side profile, the modified Maruti Gypsy carries blacked-out fenders and new 5-spoke alloy wheels. The side profile also gets black-coloured square-shaped outside rear view mirrors. The rear-end features a wheel mount.

While speculations have abounded that Maruti Suzuki plans to replace the Maruti Gypsy with the latest-gen Suzuki Jimny, the manufacturer is yet to confirm the same. On the contrary, senior officials of the company have often commented that bringing the Jimny to our shores makes little sense as there’s low demand for such small-sized lifestyle SUVs.