MMRT To Rent Out Race Cars And Bikes For Track Days From Rs. 1,000


Madras Motor Race Track to rent out race cars and bikes for special track days at a starting price of Rs. 1,000

Madras Motor Race Track (MMRT) in Chennai is offering an exciting opportunity to the racing enthusiasts who don’t have a race-spec car or bike. The MMRT will rent out race-ready cars and bikes to the enthusiasts at a nominal pricing for special track days. The rent starts from Rs. 1,000 for the motorcycles and goes up to Rs. 9,000 for the cars.

The MMRT will organise special track days for the enthusiasts that will offer anyone a chance to experience to circuit. As MMRT says, Honda CBR150R and Volkswagen Polo will be on offer for rent. All the enthusiasts need to do is to have a valid driving or a competition license and submitting that along with the rent amount they will be able to drive or ride a select number of laps.


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Speaking about this initiative, Madras Motor Sports Club’s (MMSC) vice president Mr. Vicky Chandhok has said, there are many people who enjoy motorsports and wish to drive race cars of motorcycles on a race track, but not professionally. This initiative is believed to attract many budding racer, motorsport fans to MMRT.

Speaking about the rent out program, the factory-prepped Honda CBR150R’s rent will be between Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 1,500 for 10 laps around the circuit. While this is for the motorcycle enthusiasts, car lovers can rent Volkswagen Polo Cup or LGB Formula 1300 with amount ranging between Rs. 7,500 and Rs. 9,000 for 10 laps around MMRT circuit.

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MMRT says that it will keep aside 20 days every year for the track days when the normal people will get access to the rent out program. The MMRT is one of the oldest racing tracks in India and it has a 3.7 km circuit. The track hosts range of national and international race events every year and it holds a very special place in the Indian racing history.