Datsun Vice President Vincent Cobee Assigned New Responsibility in Mitsubishi


Datsun Vice President Vincent Cobee assigned new responsibility in Mitsubishi as Jose Roman will step in his role from VP of sales and marketing

In a Nissan group’s managerial shift, Vincent Cobee, the group’s current corporate vice president for the Datsun brand, is going to take over the responsibility of corporate vice president for product strategies at Mitsubishi, which was acquired by Nissan recently.

Jose Roman, who is currently vice president in charge of sales and marketing for Nissan in Latin America, will come in place of Cobee at Datsun. Since acquisition, Renault-Nissan alliance cleared that it has big plans for the Mitsubishi brand. The brand will share several technologies with Renault and Nissan alliance, while platform sharing is also on card, which was confirmed by Renault-Nissan alliance boss Carlos Ghosn during the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.

Mitsubishi Intros Eclipse Cross at Geneva

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It is clear, that the alliance is trying to give the Mitsubishi a boost with new and exciting products. We can expect that India to play a bigger role in the Japanese automaker’s future strategy. Despite being present in the country for quite long time, Mitsubishi couldn’t manage to get a strong hold here.

Now, with Nissan and Renault’s backing, Mitsubishi could expect to get a good grab in the country. For that, the company will focus on new cars as well as localised production also to keep the pricing of its products competitive against the rivals. The low cost modular CMF-A platform will be an important for the brand’s upcoming products.

Mitsubishi Grand Lancer

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The SUVs and crossovers have been very popular in the domestic market like the rest of the world, and Mitsubishi is known for their premium SUVs. Therefore, we can expect that the SUVs and crossovers will play major role in the brand’s future strategy for Indian market. Apart from that, we would love to see the Lancer coming to the country in a new avatar, as this has been a very successful product from the brand.