Will Mercedes Assemble EQ Electric Cars In India?


Mercedes-Benz is emphasising on localised production of EQ electric vehicles to achieve competitive pricing

Mercedes-Benz has decided to locally assemble electric vehicles for US market and this could drive out the assembling of C-Class sedan from there. Drawing cue from that, we would like to be hopeful that the German luxury car brand will locally assemble EQ branded electric vehicles in India in near future.

As the German brand says, it needs to focus on localised production of electric cars in order to achieve competitive pricing that will result into greater market share. Considering the fact that India is likely to become one of the major global EV markets in next decade, we can expect to see the automaker assembling EQ models here. What’s making us more optimistic is that Mercedes has expressed its interest to grab a good share in Indian EV market.


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India is thriving to adopt zero emission pure electric mobility across the country by 2030 under the central government’s Mission EV 2030 strategy. With this, the country will become a large market for the zero emission vehicles. Clearly, Mercedes will try to take the opportunity. If the brand decides to locally assemble the electric cars here, it will boost the central government’s ambitious Make In India initiative as well.

Mercedes hopes its EQ branded electric cars could contribute up to 25% in its total global sales by 2025. Electric mobility is something the major automobile manufacturers across the world are working on for quite some time and Mercedes doesn’t want to stay behind.


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To grab a good share in the global zero emission market, the luxury car brand has formed a dedicated wing called EQ that is responsible for the development, launch and marketing of the zero emission pure electric cars. To grab attention of the buyers and to achieve desired sales result, the auto major is primarily focusing on the UV segment with its upcoming electric cars.

Apart from the SUV, Mercedes EQ is also focusing on a pure electric hatchback. It is not sure which of these electric powered cars will be launched in India, but we can assume the brand will try to roll out different models in different segments here.
Source: Automotive News