Mercedes-Benz Inaugurates Pit Stop Service In India Exclusive For AMG Vehicles

Mercedes-Benz Pit Stop Service In India For AMG Vehicles

Mercedes-Benz Pit stop service bay has unique motorsport-inspired theme; said to create ‘service differentiation’ in luxury performance segment

Mercedes-Benz has inaugurated its first-ever dedicated AMG Service Bay at the AMG Performance Centre in Pune. The largest luxury car manufacturer in India says it is in a bit to create ‘service differentiation’ in the luxury performance segment.

The dedicated AMG service bay will offer highly personalized and prioritized servicing in a short period of time. Mercedes has employed only trained manpower from its Academy that will be working on the AMG and Specialty cars using AMG special tools.

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The initiative will be replicated in other six AMG Performance Centers across the country in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore and recently established facilities in Chennai and Kochi. It is also aimed at supporting the growing band of AMG customers in India.

The company’s top ranking in the recent J.D. Power 2017 for India Customer Service Index study is a clear indication to this differentiation, which is highly appreciated by our customers.

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The AMG pit stop is specially designed to provide prioritized and superior service quality and the bay is staffed by trained manpower from Mercedes-Benz academy. They underwent rigorous and uniform global training program to ensure a superlative service and maintenance according to Mercedes.

They are supported by specialist service advisor who are trained to understand the requirements of customers. More crucially, the AMG Pit stop has been said to offer differentiated service positioning for AMG as a brand in workshops.

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The AMG Pit stop service bay is also part of commemorating 50 years of celebration of AMG. They will have the look and feel of Motorsports Pit stop to provide the unique environment for servicing the high performance cars as Mercedes has deep roots in motorsport.

Another interesting thing is that, in case of any spares not available at APC workshop, it shall be air freighted without any costs to customers. They can oversee cars being serviced personally and can directly interact with trained technicians or Mercedes-Benz Technical experts.

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