Mercedes-Benz Designo Launched, Customization Platform For Customers

Mercedes-Benz Designo Platform launched in India-1

Mercedes-Benz Designo concept has been launched to give customization on a whole new level

Mercedes-Benz has introduced a unique ‘Designo’ app for the iPad. The app is created for the specially trained sales personnel, this app will enable hundreds of different combination for customization. The ‘Designo’ app will also significantly offer exclusivity and enhance the look of the car through various customization options. The buyer can also receive instant price quotes for the model he has customized.

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Mercedes-Benz Designo let’s you choose from exclusive paint finishes to high quality interior appointments and trims. Options also include exclusive paint finishes, hand-sewn leather upholstery, trims made from fine wood or lustrous natural stone, the choice of materials and craftsmanship. Mercedes-Benz Designo customization ensures particular design specifications are carefully implemented using traditional craftsmanship and the customers owns a car that is produced according to their ideas and needs.

Mercedes-Benz Designo Platform launched in India-2

Leather is an important component of Designo platform or any luxury car. The Mercedes-Benz Designo leather upholstery comes in single or two-tone combination with black designo leather, varying on the Mercedes-Benz model. Mercedes-Benz Designo trim elements are made in wood, piano lacquer, carbon fibre or stone.


Mercedes-Benz Designo wood trim elements are selected, sorted, stained, lacquered with several clear coats and finally polished, all by hand. A Piano lacquer trim for instance, is created and coated up to ten layers of lacquer. Mercedes-Benz Designo paint finishes provides an extra degree of exclusivity with a range of fascinating colours.

Combining metallic paint with a satin finish. Mercedes-Benz Designo extras includes a wide selection of exclusive additional features, ranging from carbon fibre exterior packages to seat massagers. Customers can further enhance the exclusivity of their vehicles by adding these features.

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