All-Electric Mercedes-AMG Supercar in the Pipeline – Report

Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster and GT C Roadster 2

All-electric Mercedes-AMG supercar will follow the likes of a Formula 1 inspired hybrid hypercar; no timeline has been given though

Mercedes-AMG is shifting its focus toward environment friendly electric powertrain from conventional fuel powered engines. Mr. Tobias Moers, chairman of AMG has confirmed that, it will launch an all-electric supercar in future alongside the already confirmed Formula-1 inspired hybrid hypercar. But no timeline has been set so far for these models.

As Mr. Tobias Moers said, an AMG pure electric car is on card, but it is not sure, when the car will come to market. But for its own existence AMG is preparing to make an all-electric car, which is likely to be the successor of SLS Electric Drive, which holds record for electric powered production cars, as it is unbeaten in Norschleife.


Incidentally, the SLS Electric Drive was developed six years ago, and it is the fastest electric powered car, which has lapped Nurburgring with a record time of 7:56.234. I6t is equipped with four synchronous electric motors, with each motor delivering power to one wheel. Combined, these four electric motors churn out 740 hp of massive peak power and 1000.59 Nm of enormous peak torque output.

Mercedes-Benz has already showed its ambition to produce range of electric powered cars. At the Paris Motor Show, the company has unveiled Generation EQ concept, which is an electric powered SUV concept. It is also expected to pave way for future Mercedes-Benz electric powered car fleet.

While concern for environment friendly powertrain solutions is rising across the world, several automakers are opting toward developing and manufacturing electric and hybrid powered cars. BMW has already set up a sub-brand ‘i’, which only deals in electric powered cars. Tesla has already earned reputation in the EV segment, and Mercedes-Benz too is walking the same path.

Source: Drive