Meet the Volvo Rider Your Kids Will Love About – Video

Volvo Rider

Volvo Rider has design inspired by the XC Coupe concept and is part of the brand’s 2017 Lifestyle Collection

Advertised as the smallest coupe ever, the Volvo Rider is something you would dream of presenting your automobile enthusiastic kid on his birthday. The tiny rendition of the Swedish luxury manufacturer has been incorporated with the next generation design language and as ever the craftsmanship as seen on the video is ever meticulous.

It can be ordered in two different makes. One is finished in Crash Test Orange and the other in Silver. Your parental hood will come into play here on how tough or smooth the Volvo Rider is being used by your toddler though, so always choose wisely! The safety pioneer in the global auto industry suggests you to purchase this tiny model for your kid of one to three years old.

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If your little one has gone past that age, do not worry, as Volvo has another option of selling the 1:1 model of the Volvo Rider. As for the pricing, it will cost the buyers at least USD 177. There has been plenty of attention to detail bits on the Rider that you would not fail to notice.

There is a regular PRND sticker pointing towards the little vehicle being driven with automatic transmission. Additionally, there is a start-stop button that is very small and comfortably fits the size of your kid’s thumb. Volvo has put more realistic elements into the Rider as it has operable lamps up front and rear.

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Volvo Rider 2

Looking at the overall design, the Rider has been styled keeping in mind the design cues of the XC Coupe concept – to fit the bill of “smallest coupe ever” perhaps. At least your kids can play around with the little coupe rather than you starring at the XC Coupe concept wasn’t it?