Maruti Suzuki will Train 30,000 Drivers for Uber


Maruti Suzuki will train 30,000 drivers for the app based cab service Uber in the next three years

Maruti Suzuki has signed a MoU with the app based cab service Uber. Through this deal the Indo Japanese automaker will train 30,000 driver for Uber in next three years. The initiative is called UberShaan, and the program will be available in Maruti Suzuki’s 6 driving and training institutes and 370 driving schools across the country.

The auto manufacturer has been taking unique initiatives to develop driving skills of peoples for last 16 years. Apart from the Maruti Suzuki and Uber, the National Skills Development Corporation has also become a part of the project. The focus of the initiative is to develop driving skills of Uber drivers and therefore providing livelihoods to them.

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The Uber also plans to provide livelihoods to more than 1 million people in India by the end of 2018. Initially, the UberShaan is starting as a pilot project in cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi and NCR. At later stage, the project will be expanded to cities like Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Pune.

Through UIberShaan Maruti Suzuki will give the drivers training for four months. It will include pre-assessment tests, theory and practical training, while there will be post training assessment as well. The automaker will also provide the trainees commercial driving license after successfully completion of the course. While the Maruti Suzuki will train the drivers, the Uber will provide them vehicle finance and leasing solutions.

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In recent few years, the app based cab services like Uber, Ola has become vehemently popular in India. In metro cities, commuters prefer app based cabs instead of conventional yellow cabs. Now the Uber and Ola are taking some unique steps to grow in the country. This unique driver training initiative is also a part of that plan from Uber.