Mahindra Mojo Scrambler and Dirt Motorcycles Look Carnivorous!

Mahindra Mojo Adventure Concept

Mahindra Mojo Scrambler and Dirt bike motorcycles show what the projects are capable off and how Mahindra R&D team can make the Mojo into anything

Mahindra Mojo is one the most recent bikes to hit the mo-town and get some excitement in the middle weight segment with its single cylinder 300cc motor. The motorcycle has been well taken by the critics and public nationwide and Mahindra is about to get into a segment which only few can crack. Initial sales are good enough for a brand unknown in the two-wheeler segment.

The 300cc Mojo has been one of the most versatile motorcycles in the country as it can commute to office and back and then when you decide the same motorcycle can take you to the Goa on the weekend or if you plan even higher, you can take same motorcycle to the Himalayas as well.

mojo scrambler 2 (2)

Mahindra has realized the potential of its motorcycle with the Mojo and it has finally been seen in these two concepts. The dirt bike with all the essentials of it seen on the motorcycle has made it to the stall. There is just not one but two concepts seen by Mahindra from the Mojo motorcycle. The second one is always the talk of the town, the scrambler version. The seats, the headlight, the cluster, the handlebar everything suit well with the motorcycle. Both motorcycles had the more practical, single exhaust cans which was a sight of relief.

mojo scrambler 2 (1)

Problem here is that it loses the Mojo trade mark the colors this motorcycle uses are gone. The dirt bike too, just doesn’t look like the Mojo. However, Mahindra is hinting even bigger thing when it has done this. It can use the same platform and come up with so many more motorcycles as the segment has the potential to handle the same engine with different body styles. Mahindra also showcased some cool looking color options such as the matte red, orange and along with a normal bike with luggage stacked on to it.

mojo dirt bike (1)

Dirt bike gets a lot of accessories on the other hand. Such as two Jerry cans that are stuck together and lights at the front which are dual units stuck on a board that are projector units. Scarmbler Mojo has the round headlight, the round shape circles on the chassis along with exposed engine and exhaust. We would love to see more motorcycles from the brand by using the similar Mojo platform as it has enough potential to come up with some great motorcycles. Let’s start with supersports Mahindra?

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