Mahindra Unveils miniSMART Android App for Diagnostic Solution


Mahindra miniSMART Android App launched for wireless diagnostic solution in India, first manufacturer to do so

Mahindra has become the first Indian manufacturer to have launched the miniSMART online android platform exclusively for workshop diagnostic solution with wireless connectivity enabled.

This marks an easy-to-access way of carrying out workshop diagnostics without the hurdle of laptops and Mahindra believes the cost of ownership for Mahindra vehicles will be considerably reduced with this smart phone-based application.

The app can be run on android-enabled smartphones with Cloud Support to monitor system checks and is available for the current fleet of models offered from Mahindra’s stable.

What does Mahindra miniSMART stands for?

The miniSMART application abbreviates to System Monitoring And Reporting Tool.

What does miniSMART app do?

This advanced diagnostic tool aims at troubleshooting and monitoring vehicle systems and will be of immense help for workshop operations as smart phones can be connected to the wireless vehicle interface devices having Cloud Support.

What are features of Mahindra miniSMART app?

The miniSMART vehicle troubleshooting application comes featured with Bluetooth connectivity and Cloud Support which means you can integrate your Mahindra vehicle wirelessly with the app and do system checks and reports as well as diagnosing problems.

Mahindra miniSMART

What are advantages of miniSMART app?

Since the app can be accessed by hand-held devices, it eliminates the burden of heavy laptops and dragging around wired interface equipment that are expensive to buy for workshop dealers and owners.

It will cost only a fraction to the dealers compared to traditional laptop based tool and make for faster turnaround of service times resulting in improved customer satisfaction and low cost of vehicle ownership.

Where will the Mahindra miniSMART app be available?

The country’s largest SUV maker will enable its skilled workshop supervisors and technicians at all dealerships with this low-cost diagnostic tool.

Which Cars are suitable to be diagnosed with miniSMART app?

All Mahindra vehicles can be diagnosed with this smartphone-based tool from the upcoming KUV100 mini-SUV and the recently launched TUV300 to the best-selling Bolero, Scorpio and XUV500 models.

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