Mahindra Formula E team Strikes Partnership with Magneti Marelli

Magneti Marelli is an Italian company deals with high end technology and automotive components


Mahindra Racing Formula E team strikes a partnership with the Italian automotive technology and systems developer Magneti Marelli for the season 3 of the FIA Formula E Championship. The Italian automotive component maker will develop the electric motors inside the Mahindra Formula E team’s cars in the season three of FIA Formula E Championship. The Mahindra Formula E team’s cars will be known as the M3Electro. The track testing of these cars will commence in coming June, 2016.

According to this new partnership Magneti Marelli will be the lead technical associate of the Mahindra Formula E team and it will also develop the key features of the powertrain of the team’s season 3 cars. This weekend’s Paris ePrix saw the Magneti Marelli branding on the Mahindra Formula E cars. Also, the Italian company becomes Mahindra Formula E team’s commercial partner according to this partnership deal. The Mahindra Formula team will display Magneti Marelli’s logo on its cars in the last five race of the ongoing season as well as in the season 3 also.

Incidentally the Italian company has the experience to work with multiple Formula One teams and in the Motorcycle Grand Prix and World Rally Championship as well. The company provides technical support to various Formula One teams for their energy recovery systems and the company also develops specialized highly efficient powertrain components.

Mahindra M3Electro Formula E racing car

The new motors for the Mahindra Formula E team’s M3Elctro cars weigh just 23 kilograms and these engines are 3 kilograms lighter compare to the original McLaren built units. These cars will come with a dual motor set up. Apart from the Mahindra Formula E team Magneti Marelli will provide technological support to at least one more team and possibly to a third team also. All these three team’s cars are expected to sport dual motors. Mahindra Formula E team’s M3Electro car is expected to be showcased at the Magneti Marelli stand at the 2016 Beijing Auto Show scheduled from 25th April to 4th May.

Source: Motorsport

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