Mahindra Adding Interesting Features To Several Cars In The Range


Mahindra to offer segment first features like Ecosense, Emergency Call and Connected Apps on Scorpio, KUV100 and TUV300

In order to make its cars more modern and tech equipped, Mahindra is adding several new features to its cars. We have already reported about the models like KUV100, TUV300 and new Scorpio receiving Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Now, the homegrown auto major is ready to introduce the features like Ecosense, Emergency Call, Connected Apps like features for these models.

The automaker has conducted a road show to showcase Mahindra XUV500 with all these features. Now, the other models too are ready to receive all these. The new features will be available in the other models within one year time and these will be segment first tech for the cars like Scorpio, KUV100 and TUV300.


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The Ecosense is a technology developed by the automaker that optimizes the driver’s driving pattern. This way, it helps in getting the maximum fuel efficiency and saves money. The Ecosense technology comes with Ecosore that ensures speed limit, right gear selection, and prevents the driver from aggressive acceleration and braking, excessive idling duration, clutch override etc.

The Emergency Call feature helps the driver to call his or her family member or relatives in case of an emergency situation. It also sends SMS to the pre-stored numbers of ambulance service, emergency services and Mahindra customer services as well. The SMS notifies the recipients about the vehicle’s details and location with Google map link. Mahindra believes these features will make its cars more attractive to the new age buyers.


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Currently, all these features are available in the brand new Mahindra XUV500 models. But, the older models can get the upgrade too at a cost of Rs. 999 at the Mahindra dealerships. The automaker is also working on a new app that will show the vehicle health and notify the owner about the due servicing. However, it is not clear if this new app will be available in the Scorpio, KUV100 and TUV300.

Source: ET Auto