Kia Seltos Price Hiked By Up To Rs. 35,000, Here’s New 2020 Price List

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Kia Seltos has seen a price increase of up to Rs. 35,000 in the Indian market in Jan 2020 and the new road tax slab makes it even costlier

Kia Motors India has made a strong impact with its first product in the domestic market, the Seltos. Since launching, the mid-size SUV has gained popularity in no time and it helped Kia to beat some of the established carmakers in the monthly sales table with one product in its portfolio.

The pricing of the Seltos has played a key role in its affinity towards customers and with multiple engine options, a wide range has been offered to them with BSVI compliant powertrains. As the new year has kicked in, manufacturers tend to increase the pricing of its models and Kia did the same with the five-seater SUV.

Kia Seltos New Price 2020 Old Price  New Price
HTE 1.5 Diesel 9.99 Lakh 10.34 Lakh
HTK 1.5 Diesel 11.19 Lakh 11.54 Lakh
HTK Plus 1.5 Diesel 12.18 Lakh 12.53 Lakh
HTX 1.5 Diesel 13.79 Lakh 14.14 Lakh
HTX DUAL TONE 1.5 Diesel 13.99 Lakh 14.34 Lakh
HTX PLUS 1.5 Diesel 14.99 Lakh 15.34 Lakh
HTX PLUS AT Diesel 15.99 Lakh 16.34 Lakh
GTX PLUS AT 1.4 Petrol 16.99 Lakh 17.29 Lakh
HTE 1.5 Petrol 9.69 Lakh 9.89 Lakh
HTK 1.5 Petrol 9.99 Lakh 10.29 Lakh
HTK Plus 1.5 Petrol 11.19 Lakh 11.49 Lakh
HTX 1.5 Petrol 12.79 Lakh 13.09 Lakh
HTX Dual Tone 1.5 Petrol 12.99 Lakh 13.29 Lakh
HTX CVT 1.5 Petrol 13.79 LAKH 14.09 Lakh
HTX CVT DUAL TONE 1.5 Petrol 13.99 LAKH 14.29 Lakh
GTK 1.4 Petrol 13.49 Lakh 13.79 Lakh
GTK DUAL TONE 1.4 Petrol 13.69 Lakh 13.99 Lakh
GTX 1.4 Petrol 14.99 Lakh 15.29 Lakh
GTX DUAL TONE 1.4 Petrol 15.19 Lakh 15.49 Lakh
GTX AT 1.4 Petrol 15.99 Lakh 16.29 Lakh
GTX PLUS 1.4 Petrol 15.99 Lakh 16.29 Lakh
GTX AT DUAL TONE 1.4 Petrol 16.19 Lakh 16.49 Lakh
GTX PLUS AT Diesel 16.99 Lakh 17.34 Lakh

The HTE variant of the Tech Line model with petrol engine has its price increased by Rs. 20,000 and for other variants of the Tech Line model, the price hike stands at Rs. 30,000. However, it does not show the bigger picture as the on-road price is also increased by 2 per cent for some models as it enters into the new road tax slab.

Model Variant Price Increase (ex-showroom)
Tech Line Petrol HTE Rs. 20,000
Tech Line Petrol Other Variants Rs. 30,000
GT Line Petrol All Variants Rs. 30,000
Tech Line Diesel All Variants Rs. 35,000
Tech Line Diesel GTX+ AT Rs. 35,000

Considering the Tech Line model in its diesel specification, the ex-showroom price increase has been witnessed at Rs. 35,000 and the scenario stays the same for the GTX+ automatic trim. After the Rs. 35,000 hike, the road tax slab has also changed which is now higher by 2-4 per cent in some states.

Thus, the overall hike is around Rs. 65,000 to Rs. 70,000 – considering the rest of the RTO charges and higher insurance premium approximately adding up to Rs. 20,000 and Rs. 40,000 – Rs. 65,000+ for HTE trim and others.

kia seltos studio shots-3The Seltos has already crossed more than one lakh bookings in the country and the brand will be introducing two new cars to keep up the momentum in 2020. At the upcoming Auto Expo, a near-production version of the sub-four-metre SUV and the premium Carnival are expected to debut before going on sale.