Kia Imagine High-riding Electric Sedan Launching In 2021 – Official

Kia Imagine High-riding Electric Sedan-2

Kia will take on the Tesla Model 3 with a new model based on the Kia Imagine concept, it could have a starting price roughly USD 35,000

Kia will take the EU emission norms head on with getting bullish with its EV sales next year. This has been confirmed by Emilio Herrera, COO for Kia Europe. The executive has confirmed that the Imagine electric sedan will get into production by 2021. Herrera has confirmed even spoken about the affordability factor of a mass-produced electric vehicle. He said, “We at Kia today are not capable of launching an electric vehicle at 30,000 euros ($33,500).

In fact, Kia is not alone in the EV race. Currently, the Tesla Model 3 is on sale at a base price of USD 40,000. Moreover, EVs that sell in this price range have a range of below 150 miles. However, most popular EVs, such as the Nissan Leaf-Plus, have a starting price of $35,000.

Kia will take care of the affordability factor by using an all-new EV platform. The new model from the South Korean carmaker could be based on the Imagine concept. The Imagine is a four-door sedan concept that is the size of the VW Jetta. However, it has a ride height typical of an SUV, while, on the same time, it’s sufficiently sporty.

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The most dramatic features of the Kia Imagine concept include suicide rear doors and 21 individual cascading, dashboard screens. While it’s not for sure if the production version of the Kia Imagine would ever reach the US market but, in all probability, the new model will cost roughly USD 35,000.

Kia is even considering how it plans to take its EV sales higher by offering an all-electric version of the Picanto mini car. The new model will become a direct rival of the Honda E all-electric sub-compact, which will be go on sale in Europe but not in the United States.

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Emilio Herrera has also said, “One of our biggest challenges is to make EVs profitable, and the smaller the car, the more complicated that is. Therefore, a 10,000-euro EV is very challenging and not very realistic. We know how difficult it is because we are looking to produce an electric version of the Picanto minicar.

There is nothing confirmed yet, but we’re really looking at it. But I don’t think that it could be less than 10,000 euros unless you strip the vehicle down to the bare bones. Our goal is to have an electric car in almost every main segment where we compete. Even if it’s not confirmed today, I think we have no choice.