Kia EV6 Electric Crossover – 5 Things You Should Know


Check out our list of the top 5 facts about the Kia EV6, which is scheduled to be globally unveiled on 30th March 2021

Kia Motors recently released a few images of its upcoming electric vehicle, the EV6, revealing its interior and exterior design. Although the manufacturer has kept a lot of details about the Kia EV6 under wraps at the moment, we already know a lot of interesting things about this forthcoming electric crossover.

Here, we have listed the top five things that you should know about the soon-to-debut Kia EV6.

1. First Kia EV On A Dedicated EV Platform

Kia EV6 Rear Quarter Left

Kia EV6 is the first model by the carmaker to be built exclusively as a battery electric vehicle (BEV). It is built on Hyundai’s Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), which will also underpin a number of future Kia (and Hyundai) electric vehicles.

2. Has Commonalities With Ioniq 5

Last month, Hyundai officially unveiled the first vehicle under its ‘Ioniq’ sub-brand, the Ioniq 5. The newly-unveiled Kia EV6 shares a lot with the Ioniq 5, including the E-GMP architecture. Some reports even suggest that the powertrain options might also be shared between the two.

3. New Design Language


Kia EV6 has been designed on the brand’s new ‘Opposites United’ design philosophy. At the front, the vehicle sports the new Kia logo, along with angular headlights. The DRLs have a striking design, which the company calls ‘Digital Tiger Face’. The EV6 features a coupe-style rear section, with a roof-mounted spoiler and a concave-shaped tail section. The LED taillights sweep side-to-side over the tailgate, in a curved fashion. The overall design is extremely sharp and pretty, as well as aerodynamic.

4. Interior – Dual Curved Displays

The interior of the Kia EV6 is just as pretty as the exterior and offers a lot of space. The highlight of the cabin is the dual-screen setup, consisting of a fully-digital instrument cluster and a touchscreen infotainment system, with the latter featuring a curved display. Other interior features include a two-spoke multifunction steering wheel, sleek AC vents, touch controls for HVAC, and a rotary gear knob. Also, the EV6 will utilise recycled plastics for the upholstery fabric, which is a smart step towards reducing the vehicle’s overall carbon footprint.

Kia EV6 Interior

5. Range and Specs

The specifications of the EV6 will be revealed upon the vehicle’s official global debut, slated to happen later this month. As stated above, the powertrain options are likely to be the same as the Ioniq 5. The Kia EV6 is expected to be available in both single-motor (RWD) and dual-motor (AWD) drivetrain layouts, with a maximum driving range of around 480 km on a single charge.