Kia Becomes India’s Largest UV Exporter In FY2020-21, Beats Ford

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Kia Motors India reported an export figure of 40,440 units in FY2020-21, thus taking the top spot in the export chart

Kia India has posted its export figures for the last fiscal year; the South Korean carmaker recorded an export figure of 40,440 units in FY2020-21 in India, thus grabbing the first position. The brand posted a growth of 88.43 per cent in exports, up from 21,461 units during the fiscal year prior (FY2019-20).

Ford, which was the biggest car exporter in India in FY2019-20 with a total export figure of 88,429 units, dropped to second position this year. The Blue Oval recorded a 54.88 per cent decline in exports, down to 39,897 units. Meanwhile, Hyundai grabbed the third position on the export chart, with an export figure of 29,711 units in FY2020-21 (down 37.58 per cent from 47,601 units in FY2019-20).

Kia’s growth in India has been extremely impressive, not just in terms of exports but overall cumulative sales as well. Last month (March 2021), the manufacturer recorded a total sales figure of 19,100 units in our market, witnessing a massive 122.53 per cent sales growth on a Year-on-Year basis (compared to 8,583 units sold in March 2020).

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Kia’s sales in India are quite strong, despite the fact that the carmaker only has three vehicles in its lineup in our market – Sonet, Seltos, and Carnival. The Sonet SUV is its entry-level model, priced from Rs. 6.79 lakh to Rs. 13.19 lakh, and it is currently the brand’s best-selling vehicle in India. Next in line is the Seltos SUV, priced from Rs. 9.89 lakh to Rs. 17.45 lakh.

The Carnival MPV is the flagship model in the brand’s range in India, priced from Rs. 24.95 lakh to Rs. 33.95 lakh. However, it contributes a small portion to the manufacturer’s overall sales in our market, with the major chunk brought in by the Sonet and Seltos. Similar is the case with export numbers as well.

Kia exports the Seltos to over 40 countries from India, and it is currently the third-highest exported vehicle from our country. As for the Sonet, it is solely manufactured in India and is exported to over 70 countries. Kia India’s chief export markets include various countries in Asia, Africa, Middle East, and South America.

All prices mentioned are ex-showroom, New Delhi