Jeep Compass Sales Down By 32% To Just 854 Units In October 2019

Jeep Compass SUV Makes European Debut at Geneva

Jeep Compass continues its downward sales curve as the brand suffers from having lack of volume bearing models

FCA managed to register a total of 854 units in October 2019 as against 1,250 units during the corresponding month last year with 31.7 per cent YoY sales decline. Just as other manufacturers, FCA did recover to some extend last month courtesy of the festive times as it posted 41.6 per cent sales increase as only 603 units were retailed in September 2019.

But on a bigger picture, it wasn’t just enough. Jeep Compass has been responsible for the sales tally but 854 units catapult its woes as it could not get past the four digit mark in recent months. In less than a year after making its market entry in June 2018, Jeep announced that the Compass’ cumulative sales had gone past 25,000 units.

Back then, it was highly impressive as the segment does not attract as much sales in the above Rs. 15 lakh space. However, despite averaging more than 2,500 units on monthly basis, the Compass began dipping in volumes. The following months saw the Compass’ sales figures reduced to under four digits as more than 50 per cent YoY negative growth was witnessed often.

Jeep Compass Sport Plus

The scenario continued into 2019 when the whole of automotive industry was engulfed in sales crisis and the Compass’ numbers did not improve. Having Compass as the only credible product adhering volumes might have not played into the hands of Jeep on the longer term.

To Jeep’s credits, the American manufacturer was regularly introducing new variants and special editions including new top-of-the-line models. The Trailhawk variant of the Compass entered the fray in June 2019 with the long-awaited nine-speed automatic transmission and greater off-roading capabilities compared to the regular model. It did not help much in reviving the Compass’ sales fortunes either.

Jeep Compass Trailhawk India Launch

Jeep has along been expected to introduce new SUVs in the domestic market as a three-row UV and a compact SUV are said to be in the horizon. Their launch timelines are yet unknown but it cannot be stressed enough that Jeep definitely needs new models to accompany the Compass to garner volumes.