Jeep Compass Giving Only 5 Kmpl, Owner Files FIR Against Company

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Shashilkumar R, a businessman, has approached the police to compliant against Jeep India for the poor mileage he has been receiving from his Jeep Compass Limited SUV

Shashikumar R, a businessman from Bangalore, has decided to approach the police to file a complaint against the ‘faulty’ Jeep Compass SUV that he has been driving. As per the aggrieved owner, his SUV has been offering him a ‘ridiculously poor’ mileage, which is the reason for his anger with the vehicle. On the other hand, the company has maintained that there’s no fault of the car in this case and that it isn’t liable for any sort of misfortune that might have been caused to the owner.

In his police complaint, Shashikumar R has said that the Jeep Compass Limited (Black) model that he bought from an authorize dealership in Yeshwantpur on November 30, 2018, is giving him only 5 kmpl that is much lower than the 16 kmpl promised by the salesman at the time of the booking of the vehicle.

As per the owner, the Jeep Compass SUV bought by him has been offering really low mileage, which has led to huge fuel bills. The owner even approached the company’s customer care to seek solutions to his problem, before he finally lodged a police complaint. The owner says that the he sent emails to the company “but did not get a positive response,”

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The owner of the Jeep Compass SUV has lodged a complaint at the JP Nagar police station. In accordance with the complaint, the cops have lodged a complaint of cheating and criminal breach of trust along with other violations against the CEO of FCA India. Other than the top officer, four executives of the company and the dealer has also been booked.

As per the customer, he had presented this SUV to his daughter, who started using the new SUV instead of a taxi. However, the father-daughter-duo soon realized that travelling by car is proving to be more expensive than hiring a taxi as almost Rs 1,000 was being spent on fuel to travel 50-55 km a day.


Speaking on the entire episode, the businessman said, “Since the company and the showroom cheated me, I filed a police complaint.” On the other hand, the company refuted all charges by the owner. In a statement, it said, “Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our after-sales service team has been in constant touch with this customer.

Trained technicians have conducted thorough checks related to the fuel efficiency on the vehicle in question and have also test-driven it along with a representative appointed by the customer. It has been comprehensively demonstrated to the customer that the vehicle is not faulty. In spite of these facts, the customer has chosen to move the honourable court on this matter. Our customer care team, along with the legal department, will be handling this case.”