Jaguar Land Rover to introduce Android Wear App

Jaguar Land Rover to introduce Android Wear App

British luxury automaker Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has been always known for their progressiveness toward the technologies. Now they have taken one step further by introducing the Android Wear app for the Android Wear watch. Jaguar Land Rover first uncovered the technology at the 2016 London Wearable Technology Show, and this app will be available for the customers from this summer. At the 2016 London Wearable Technology Show Jaguar

showcased the all new performance crossover F-Pace with this feature. Incidentally, the F-Pace supports both Android Wear and Apple Watch device and it is also the first car to get an Innovative Activity Key. With the wearable smartwatches becoming more and more popular these days, these new app will provide customers ability to turn on the car’s AC remotely, check the car’s fuel level, monitor the location, remotely lock and unlock the car and many more; which will allow the customers to go out without the standard key, and they can avail all of these facilities from the wristwatch only. The JLR cars already come with Apple Watch and iOS connectivity and now the Android Wear app will surely take the game for this cars one notch up.

Jaguar F-Type SVR_-2

This Android Wear app will come available in all the future Jaguar and Land Rover cars. Jaguar Land Rover’s previous models come with InControl Remote or InControl Protect infotainment systems, which allow the customers to access their smartphone apps from the car’s 10.2 inch tablet style touchscreen, which is powered by a quad core processor and a solid state drive (SSD). It runs on ultra fast Ethernet and comes with features like Wi-Fi hotspot, live weather report, flight tracking app, intelligent navigation system, pinch and zoom facility. The touchscreen is pretty much user friendly and it responses pretty fast.

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