Jaguar Announces Special Car Accessories For Dogs This Christmas

Jaguar Pet Products (Jaguar Pet Accessory Packs) 5

Jaguar Pet Products are offered in four different packages with comfort and convenience of owners as well as dogs in mind

Jaguar has released a number of accessories targetting pet owners in mind during the eve of Christmas. Termed as the “perfect present for four-legged friends this festive season”. Jaguar’s new range of products is created with comfort and convenience as primary factors.

The vehicle accessories are divided into several packages and they are not just exclusive for the use of dogs. The Individual packs comprise of items like an access ramp, spill-resistant water bowl, foldable pet carrier, tailored quilted load space liner and portable rinse system.

Jaguar Pet Products are available in several markets with prices starting from from $338. Courtesy of the quilted luggage compartment liner and handy portable shower, muddy paw prints won’t be of existence anymore. Dedicated to canines and other animals, they can be bought along with XF Sportbrake and PACE range of SUVs.

The rear access ramp can help protect the muscles and joints of older animals according to the British luxury car manufacturer. There are four different packages available namely Pet Luggage Compartment Protection, Pet Transportation, Pet Care and Access as well as Pet Rear Seat Protection.

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The Pet Luggage Compartment Protection starts from $903 and it has quilted luggage compartment liner, full-height luggage partition and spill-resistant water bowl. The Pet Transportation priced from $624.25 provides foldable carrier, spill-resistant water bowl and luggage compartment rubber mat.

The Pet Care and Access package beginning from $1,302 features full-height luggage partition, quilted luggage compartment liner, access ramp and portable rinse system with Pet Rear Seat Protection available for the Jaguar XE and XF sedans ensuring second row seat cover and the spill-resistant water bowl.

Jaguar Pet Products (Jaguar Pet Accessory Packs) 4

The portable rinse system is to wash pets before getting inside the vehicle and an integrated hand pump allows for creating pressure required for minimum of two minutes continuous flow based on the selection. The foldable access ramp is suitable for animals of up to 85 kg and it features aluminum side panels and a plastic center section with a high-grip tread pattern and rubber feet keep.

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