India’s Top Modified New Toyota Fortuner – Five Best


Toyota Fortuner gets sleek European looks and is one of the best looking vehicles in the segment, even subtle modifications can lift the way it looks

There is no doubt in the fact that Toyota Fortuner is one of the best looking vehicles in the segment in India. The Toyota Fortuner has remained the best-selling vehicle in the segment since it has been launched in the Indian market and it continues to hold that position even with an all-new model.

Being a global vehicle, there are many highly modified examples of the Toyota Fortuner in the international markets and back home, many enthusiasts have modified their beloved Fortuners too. Here is a list of top 5 modified Toyota Fortuner SUVs in India.

1. Autobacs

This Toyota Fortuner looks massive with the set of modifications done to it. The vehicle gets a lot of changes and it actually looks like Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. The vehicle gets a new bumper up front with customised LED inserts in it. The snorkel is sourced from Toyota Hilux and looks extremely good on the vehicle. The front grille with vertical slats also adds to the tough masculinity of the SUV.

Not many changes have been done to the body of the vehicle through and remain clean. In the rear, the vehicle gets twin rectangular exhaust pods. The Toyota Fortuner also gets a 4-inch lift kit with aftermarket suspension and tyres. The black aftermarket alloy wheels look absolutely hypnotising on the white coloured Fortuner. No changes have been done to the engine of the vehicle though.


2. Yellow Ghost

Wrapping is the easiest way to change the way a vehicle looks and simple changes like changing the body colour can turn it out in an extremely different way. While manufacturers offer a lot of colour options, rare colours like Sicilian Yellow are not available in the stock vehicle. Changing the colour of the vehicle is illegal but wrapping it in a different colour is not.

Here is an amazingly wrapped Toyota Fortuner that gets a dual tone shade. It gets an official Toyota TRD branded front grille finished in black colour. Even the aftermarket alloy wheels are finished in black. The contrasting black roof matches with these parts quite well and gives a unique look to the vehicle.


3. Power-hungry

The stock Toyota Fortuner is quite powerful. The diesel version of the SUV is powered by a 2.8-litre four-cylinder turbocharged engine that produces a maximum power of 174 Bhp and a peak torque of 450 Nm. However, there are many who look for more power and this vehicle here gets just that.

This Toyota Fortuner diesel gets a Race Dynamics Dieseltronic tuning box that increases the power in the vehicle. However, at the same time, it reduces the fuel efficiency of the SUV too. Other changes that can be seen in the vehicle are aftermarket tyres with aftermarket rims and official Toyota TRD body kit. The body kit includes flared bumpers, side skirts and rear underbody spoiler.


4. Lexus

Lexus brand is now officially on sale in the Indian market and their SUVs have a massive presence on the road. The Lexus brand falls under the Toyota umbrella and they are extremely expensive in India as they are imported as CBUs. Here is a simple way of transforming a Toyota Fortuner into a premium-looking Lexus SUV.

The vehicle seen here gets an aftermarket grille that is reminiscent of the Lexus SUVs. The layered chrome dipped grille looks extremely good on the black coloured Fortuner. The grille actually has an in-your-face look that makes it even more desirable. This SUV also gets aftermarket alloy wheels with fay tyres giving it a complete look that matches quite well with the body.


5. Full TRD kit

This is the full TRD official kit that has been imported by the owner from the Thailand market. It is an official kit that snaps on the vehicle’s body. The kit includes a full grille change, new front and rear bumpers and side skirts. While most of the vehicle remains stock, putting on the TRD kit changes the whole look and stance of the vehicle.