India’s First Electric Bike ‘Revolt RV400’ Deliveries Begin In India – Details

revolt rv400 delivery begins 2

The first unit of the recently launched Revolt RV400 electric motorcycle has been delivered in New Delhi with green number plate

Revolt unveiled the RV400 back in June 2019 before going on sale towards the end of August with plenty of advanced connectivity options and for once made enthusiasts think that owning a zero-emission motorcycle would finally be viable in India. The country’s first electric bike is sold with a plan of Rs. 3,499 per month for 37 months for the base model.

The premium version, on the other hand, is offered with Rs. 3,999/month for a period of 37 months. The first unit of the Revolt RV400 has been delivered in New Delhi with green number plate and the owner has paid a full amount of Rs. 1,18,500. The e-bike differs from conventional motorcycles in several ways.

It is equipped with smartphone connectivity and Artificial Intelligence technology with an embedded 4G LTE SIM card. Another highlight about the RV400 is its design that replicates a typical naked streetfighter but when you look closer the changes can be clearly seen. The RV400 has passed 10.2-degree gradient test and is IP67 certified as well.

revolt rv400 delivery begins

Using Li-ion battery pack, it is claimed to have a riding range of 156 km on a single charge and has a top speed of 85 kmph. Revolt says the RV400 gives performance of a typical 125 cc motorcycle and it gets features like USD front forks, monoshock rear, regenerative braking tech, LED headlamp, LED taillamp and CBS braking system, etc.

The critical components of the RV400 are imported while the ECU and Battery Management System are developed locally. Produced at Revolt’s factory in Manesar, Haryana the Revolt RV400 can be connected with Bluetooth to access the smartphone app. It helps in changing up the sound the electric motorcycle makes and also cranking without using a key.

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Some of the other main technologies include cloud-based services, OTR upgrades, remote onboard diagnostics and like tracking. It comes with Eco, Normal and Sport riding modes and has a swappable battery method to avoid range anxiety. The battery can be swapped from the nearest swap stations. A normal 15 Amp socket will charge the RV400 in four hours.