ICICI Lombard Three Year Insurance Policy For Two Wheelers Launched


ICICI Lombard Three Year Insurance Policy For Two Wheelers assures peace of mind

There was a talk in the town recently when it comes insurance policy for two wheeler consumers and it wasn’t the right one either. Two wheeler owners and specifically the bulk part is not known for keeping their papers updated. Yes, we are talking about commuter motorist who ride their 100cc motorcycles and pay Rs 100 bribe get away despite the fact their insurance and others papers are not up to the mark. There has been constant surveys about how almost 70% to 80% two wheeler riders don’t have insurance policy post the initial purchase of the motorcycle.

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However, know ICICI Lombard Three Year Insurance Policy For Two Wheelers has been Launched for the un-initiated and lazy motorists out there. There are multiple benefits to the policy as well. First of all, its one investment for every three years. Secondly if you want to keep the vehicle for as long as 6 or 9 years you need to pay only thrice which is quite brilliant in its on way all together.


Third, ICICI Lombard also promises no premium hike in insurance policy so its best for the motorist who bought a bike with a slogan fit it, shut it forget it because here it translates too, pay for it and forget it. ICICI also promises protection from third party premium hikes.

Last and not the least imagine how much you can save every time at a check nakka where your easily go without bribing because except PUC every other thing is life time. We think its a good job, but since its something new in the market, it best you study the policy once briefly and contact your insurance agent (if don’t have it, get one now atleast) and ask him if the terms and conditions are alright.

Following are the benefit of ICICI Lombard long term Bike/Scooter insurance policy: 

  • One time premium payment
  • No premium hikes within the policy tenure
  • No Annual renewal hassle
  • Single policy document for three year
  • Protection against annual third party premium hikes
  • No worry of policy expiry dates, fines due to violation of traffic rules

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