Hyundai Venue Vs MG Hector Connected Car Features Comparison

Hyundai Venue Vs MG Hector Connected Car Features Comparison

In this article, we are comparing the connected car features of the upcoming Hyundai Venue sub-compact SUV and MG Hector SUV

Smartphones are one of the most advanced techs we use every day. The infotainment system in our cars is not in the same league as smartphones as most of them lack good touch screens. But this is going to change very soon as Hyundai and MG are planning to introduce connected car features in the Indian market.

MG announced that Hector will be the first internet car but Hyundai beat them as the Venue, which will be launched in a couple of days, will also come with connected car features before the Hector. But both models have some key difference even though they work in the same way as both of them are connected to the server always by an integrated e-Sim (Airtel for Hector and Vodafone Idea for Hyundai).

Both manufacturers also provide individual smartphone applications to help the customer interact with the vehicle. Using this application, the engine can be remotely started and the cabin can be cooled. One of the major highlights of both these models is the emergency response. In case of an accident, the server generates an emergency response and takes relevant measures.

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Like smartphones, another important feature is AI based voice assistant as it can be used to do different tasks. The common features between both models are Real-Time Vehicle Tracking, Voice Assisted Navigation, Push Maps from App, Live Traffic Information, Geo-Fence, Remote Engine Start/Stop, Auto Crash Notification, Remote Climate Control, SOS / Emergency Assistance, Remote Door Lock/Unlock, RSA (Roadside Assistance), Find My Car location and Driving Behaviour / Information.

When compared to Hyundai, MG offers some more features in the Hector like Free Gaana Premium and Accu Weather Accounts, Tyre pressure and other vehicle information available on the smartphone application, TomTom Navigation (first model in India to come with this), 5G upgradable e-sim and AI can be used to control sunroof, power windows and climate control.

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MG Hector

The Venue misses out on these as obviously it will be positioned much lower than the Hector but it has some unique features like a remote control for horn and lights, emergency assistance button on the exterior mirrors. All these connected features will be free for customers in the first three years in the Hyundai.