Hyundai ‘Drive Mein Junoon’ Music Video Released Featuring Elite i20

Hyundai Elite i20 Drive Main Junoon featuring Arijit singh and clinton cerejo-2

Hyundai ‘Drive Mein Junoon’ music video released with 118 different car sounds produced from the Elite i20 premium hatchback

Hyundai India has released a unique video on its youtube channel today. The South Korean auto maker says “Feel the Junoon and take excitement to a whole new level of premiumness” and the video has been made to celebrate the success of the Elite i20 in India. The exclusive video is titled as Drive Mein Junoon and it features two musical masterminds. Arijit Singh and Clinton Cerejo are the people in question. The new TVC starts with Clinton sending a text message to Arijit saying “Arijit. You still awake? Had a wild thought for a song”.

The main featuring artist in the music video is the Elite i20 premium hatchback itself as the next frame covers the LED Daytime Running Lights and projector headlamps glowing from the shadows and the camera shifts to the sleek horizontal taillights. With Clinton Cerejo adjusting his musical instruments to record, one might wonder what the sound captures would be.

This is where the specialty of the video lies as the four-way indicator and wipers are turned on with other artists tapping the central AC vents, alloy wheels and bonnet of the car. The distinctive sounds produced on boot closing, door opening, etc are fused together and are recorded and the whole video was shot in a single day.

Hyundai Elite i20 Drive Main Junoon featuring Arijit singh and clinton cerejo-3

Arijit Singh starts to sing and the music video comes alive for the next two minutes with the ergonomics of the premium Elite i20 hatchback fully covered as 118 car sounds are taken into account. The video ends with Arijit Singh calling asking “Are you sure, no instruments?” as Clinton Cerejo replied “No bro! Just you me and the car”.

Hyundai Elite i20 Drive Main Junoon featuring Arijit singh and clinton cerejo

This peculiar and soothing music video is an absolute treat for the listeners. Through this video, HMIL is looking to initiate a number of contests and activities for the audiences.

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