How About A Jeep Compass-inspired Maruti Baleno Rival?

jeep compass hatchback rear-2-2

A couple of speculative renders show what a Jeep Compass-inspired Fiat Argo hatchback that can come across as a worthy rival to the Maruti Baleno

The Jeep Compass is easily the most popular premium 5-seater SUV in its segment. With a butch-yet-premium design, internationally-acclaimed engines, and the sufficiently comfortable and well-equipped cabin, the Compass really has a lot going for it. However, what if the Jeep Compass had a hatchback sibling?

No, we aren’t implying that the iconic SUV brand is working on a small car. The basis of this the above thought lies in the couple of renderings you see on this page. While a Fiat Argo-based Jeep Compass hatchback is as far from reality as Maruti Suzuki launching a Rolls Royce Phantom-rival, what if we really had a Maruti Baleno-rival from the iconic FCA-owned American SUV brand?

jeep compass hatchback-2-2

Basically, the creator of these renderings has taken a Fiat Argo hatchback, which is the size of a Maruti Baleno, and has slapped on the front and the rear fascia of the Jeep Compass SUV. The end result is a pretty handsome-looking small car that can probably replace the Fiat Punto. In terms of looks, it would look at least as premium as, say, a Maruti Baleno or a Hyundai Elite i20.

The original design of the Fiat Argo, or whatever of it remains, lends a very European touch to the Jeep Compass SUV-based hatchback that you seen in the above images. The side profile looks quite well sculpted, which is largely due to the crisp creases and taut surfaces. The rising beltline makes the car look quite dynamic. The machined alloy wheels and the pronounced wheel arches amplify the athletic look.

Internationally, the Fiat Arog is available in a variety of engine options, which include a
1.0-litre FireFly three-cylinder engine that outputs 72 hp and 101.99 Nm, a 1.3-litre FireFly four-cylinder engine that produces 101 hp and 134.35 Nm, and a 1.8-litre E-Torq Evo motor that offers 135 hp and 184.37 Nm.

All these engines are flex-fuel units, which can run on pure gasoline and ethanol-blends. While it’s true that a Jeep Compass SUV-based small car won’t launch anytime soon, these renderings do give us a reason to start dreaming of a handsome rival to the hot-selling Maruti Baleno.