Honda RoadSync Smartphone Connectivity For Motorcycles Coming In 2021

Honda RoadSync 2

The Honda RoadSync enables connection between rider’s smartphone and motorcycle for accessing navigation, messages, phone calls, etc

In the modern world of automobiles, the technological advancements across different fields are progressive over the years and they have certainly been taken to newer heights. From the quality of the build structure to minute component details, we have seen enhancements due to the rapid growth in engineering applications along with relentless research and development activities.

As for the customer experience, the automobile manufacturers are pushing boundaries to integrate the connectivity technologies to everyday use and the motorcycle space cannot be left out of the equation either. Next year, Honda will introduce HondaSync across a range of models and it will work with the Smartphone Voice Control Bluetooth module to allow for a number of different things.

The Honda RoadSync enables a connection between the rider’s smartphone and the motorcycle, just as any typical Bluetooth based application. It helps in controlling messages, phone calls, music and even navigation on the go. Firstly, the RoadSync with Smartphone Voice Control Bluetooth module will be made available in models such as the CB1000R, Forza 750 AND x-Adv in 2021.
Honda RoadSync 3
In the international markets, it can be had as an optional extra in the Forza 350. The Honda RoadSync technology is enabled through an operable button on the handlebar pod and in case of the helmet of the rider through speakers and microphone. The rider will easily know the functions as they will be displayed on the instrument cluster while engaged and four essential actives can be monitored.

As mentioned above, the Honda RoadSync connectivity helps in notifying the calls from the smartphone, listening music, accessing messages and even navigation. The voice control provision makes it a lot easier as the commands drive the functions ahead and as many as five destinations should be selected in prior for the better response from the system.

For messages and calls, the voice control tech can be used as well via mentioning five numbers or template messages that need to be entered beforehand. In addition, Honda RoadSync also shoes the real-time weather forecasting for up to five hours and the existing weather in the current location.