Honda Monkey 125 Production To Begin Soon; Price Revealed

Monkey 125 concept Honda

Honda showcased the later version of Monkey series at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show and since response was positive it has been decided to put it into production

Honda introduced Monkey series of bikes in 1967. Even though it was called Z series but the way people sit on the bike while riding looks like a monkey, this is how the motorcycle got its name. The original Z series was production as a children’s ride in an amusement park in Japan and it was so popular that Honda decided to introduce a refined production version of it.

Honda began mass production of Z series in 1967 with small 50 cc engine. From 2008 onwards, Honda started using new technologies like fuel injection for Monkey series bike and later they get bigger displacement like 100, 125 and 150. Honda brings updates every year to keep the bike fresh and appeal to more people.

Honda showcased the later version of Monkey series bike at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show and the response was positive, so the Japanese manufacturer has decided to put this model into production. The design of Monkey 125 is similar to the original bikes but the company has given so many modern touches.

The Monkey 125 get circular headlamp with LEDs and mud guard is placed high which gives it an adventure motorcycle look with upside down forks. The side design is classy and short seat with tall handle bar continues the monkey style riding position. Honda continues the retro them to rear with small circular LED tail light and indicators. The Japanese manufacturer has given steel back bone frame with cross-section swing arm.

Honda as given dual shock absorbers at rear and the exhaust is placed near the seats. To protect the ride, Honda has given heat resistant materials on the exhaust. The instrument cluster is fully digital and provides lots of information for rider like two odometer, trip metre, time and more. Honda Monkey 125 is powered by 125 cc single cylinder air-cooled engine producing 9.2 PS of power and 11 Nm of torque.

This engine is mated to 4 speed gearbox. The Monkey 125 get 220 mm front disc and 190 mm rear disc along with inertial measurement unit based ABS system which prevent rear wheel from lifting under braking. Honda Monkey 125 is price starts at Rs. 2.33 Lakhs (excluding taxes) and it will positioned as a lift style product if Honda decided to bring Monkey 125 to India.