Honda Electric Scooter For India To Launch Next Fiscal


Honda has confirmed entering the electric two-wheeler space as its first zero-emission scooter will be introduced in FY2023 and testing will reportedly begin later this year

Honda 2Wheelers India has announced its intentions to enter into the burgeoning electric two-wheeler space in the domestic market and its first product will likely debut within the next two years. A PTI report indicates that the Japanese manufacturer has planned to begin feasibility studies an upcoming zero-emission scooter with its dealer partners.

It will commence after the closure of this festive season and HMSI’s president, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Atsushi Ogata stated that the Indian arm has decided to venture into the EV segment following profound discussions with the parent firm in Japan. While the specifications and the model details are not known yet, its launch timeframe has been confirmed.

According to Ogata, the first electric vehicle from Honda will be launched “within the next financial year” and he elaborated that new startup brands and international market leaders are making their way into India courtesy of the central government’s EV policies and investments based on eco-friendly infrastructure.


The electric scooter space is certainly growing in recent times as brands like Ola Electric and Simple Energy have forayed into it and even the mainstream brands like Bajaj Auto and TVS Motor Company already have their presence with one product each. The success of Ather Energy also proves that buyers are preferring EVs if the product meets their requirements.

Currently, the electric two-wheelers are used for short distance travels and as for long commutes, the ICE vehicles are still preferred the most due to range anxiety. Thus, the technology development and larger battery packs will transform the industry as we move along. Ogata added that he doesn’t believe a “drastic shift from ICE engines to EVs” yet.

Yadvinder Singh Guleria, Director & Board Member, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India confirmed of the matter as well as he said, “We will have our own model in FY2023.” Honda is also considering venturing into the businesses based on battery management system and its popular models like Activa and CB Shine won’t be part of the transition.