Honda Connect Service Launched in India, for New Cars Only

Honda Connect Service Launched in India-3

Honda has launched a new online platform called Honda Connect. This mobile application can assist in various functions for Honda customers. Car owner can locate dealerships, know car details, in-car checks, book services and also get a helpline through this platform that can be accessed by subscription of this unique device.

How Honda Connect Works?

Honda Connect is a mobile-based application service in which the customers have to install a device manufactured by Minda Group for accessing variety of features offered online for Honda Cars. This app is available on both Android and IOS platforms. Users will have to subscribe to make benefit of all the options on-board.

Honda Connect Service Launched in India-1

Features of the Connect Service?

The various features available in the Connect app are SOS with Honda’s Connect helpline, the speeds of the cars can be checked, finding the car when packed in congestion by acting as a locator, car maintenance checks like battery condition, fuel and other problems can be done in realtime.

Honda Connect Service Launched in India-11

Benefit of Honda Connect ?

The Connect device will also help customers in giving a clear details of cars in Honda’s portfolio. You can also locate nearest Honda dealerships and their details courtesy of this application. Moreover, location of pit shops and petrol pumped can also be determined with this device. Car services can be booked through this app and service record information can also be sourced. Honda Connect Service Launched in India-4

Honda’s Connect Device Price :

Initially the Honda Connect device will be offered for 20,000 units at an introductory price of Rs.2,999/- along with one month service subscription.

From where one can buy the Device ?

The Honda Connect device can be bought from any Honda car dealerships near you.

Which Cars are suitable for the Device?

The Honda City sedan, Jazz hatchback and CR-V SUV manufactured from 1st of December 2015 are eligible to be accessed by this device.

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