Honda CBX Low Cost 150-160cc Motorcycle, Patent Based Rendering

2017 Honda CB Unicorn 150

Honda CBX is the latest applied trademark with Patent, showing a round headlight bike from the underpins of CB Unicorn

We all thought that Honda can only be good at the Dream series and putting some stickers on motorcycles and call it ‘updated versions’ and launch them in the market for a few hundred rupees here and there. We were wrong. Honda is all set to attack the market with a range of 150/160cc motorcycles. The new images here confirm that a toned down Honda CB Unicorn 160 is on its way.

The cheaper split grab rails, the double-sided suspension along with same tail lights, rear mudguard. Cosmetically, the fuel tank, exhaust and seat remain the same. But it gets the iconic CBX bikini fairing which resembles to the older CBX motorcycles. One more obvious change is the round headlights which, yet again profess the trademark name that has been leaked to us. The reason for this is that over the ages the same round headlight with same bikini fairing has been a part of the CBX design family.

Chassis wise, the single downtube will be carried over along with same criss-cross side sets. Look closely and you will CBS system as a part of the braking system. When it comes to engine this engine will be the old 150cc unit which will be taken to reduce costs as visually both engines are different. The 160cc has air vents on the oil filter and this does not. The CBX also has brake lever coming under the silencer where the rear master cylinder is located.


Meanwhile the 160 has the rear brake lever coming in from the front, hinting towards the old roots of the 150cc motorcycle from Honda’s stable. The handlebar sits quite high and will give the upright riding position a new meaning. People who have ridden adventure bikes know what are we talking about. Look closely you can spot that this bike despite drum at the rear along with front disc will be getting the Combi-braking-system too.

All of this proves one more thing. Remember we bought the spy shots of Honda Livo? The motorcycle had the same chassis and equipment like the one seen here. This model is merely cosmetically different from that and rest is the same! So what does this exactly prove? This pretty much confirms that the Honda Unicorn 160 motorcycle is based on a platform which will continue to spawn more motorcycles.

An Impulse rival could be on the way, this cheaper 150cc motorcycle called the Honda CBX will enter the market Likely late this year and obviously there is the Livo. Honda is all set to grab market share in a segment which sits right in the middle as it has been successful with the entry of the Unicorn 160 and now like any multinational company, it wants more of it. As for now, people on a tight budget who want a Honda in the 150cc segment, will have to wait for this motorcycle to come.