Honda 2Wheelers Road Safety Program Trained 4,000 Individuals in Delhi


Honda 2Wheelers road safety program in association with Delhi Traffic Police has successfully trained more than 4,000 individuals

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. (HMSI) has successfully organized two day road safety program at the 36th India International Trade Fair, in association with Delhi Traffic Police. The objective of this initiative was to educate the citizens about the importance of road safety and safe riding. More than 4,000 individuals participated in the program, including 2,500 children.

The children were educated on road safety through primary activities like role plays and interactive road safety digital games. Also, a special drawing competition was organized as part of the initiative. For the children in age group of 9-12 years, the Honda CRF50 training motorcycles were present at the venue. With these motorcycles the children were educated about the basics of handling a two-wheeler machine.


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The Japanese two-wheeler manufacturer also conducted various road safety games for the adult visitors. The riders with age of above 16 years were given a chance to experience more than 100 possible dangers on road. Honda claims, this virtual experience will increase the rider’s ability to predict and react to the real life traffic hazards.

India is a country with high rate of road accidents happening every year. A large number of accidents involve the two-wheelers. In most cases, the riders are found without basic safety precautions like a helmet. Despite numerous awareness campaigns and implementing stricter rule, many riders don’t use the helmet, which ultimately make themselves vulnerable to life threatening injuries.

Honda CB Hornet 160R (2)

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Speaking about the initiative, Mr. YS Guleria, senior vice president, sales and marketing, HMSI has said, the company has been participating in IITF along with Delhi traffic police for over a decade now. He also said that, the company is committed toward promoting road safety awareness among citizens of India. Mr. Guleria believes, such an initiative will help to promote good riding habits among people.