Hero Motocorp Jan 2021 Price List – Splendor, Passion, Xtreme, Pleasure

hero xtreme 160R bs6 2020-7

Hero MotoCorp has hiked the prices of almost all its motorcycles and scooters for 2021, up to a maximum of Rs. 1,900

Automakers these days usually begin a new year with a price revision of their vehicles, to account for increased input costs and/or increased manufacturing costs. Hero MotoCorp has done the same, and effective January 1, 2021, almost all its scooters and motorcycles have become dearer by up to a maximum of Rs. 1,900.

The biggest price hike has been on the Xtreme 160R (Rs. 1,900), followed by the Xpulse 200 (Rs. 1,500), which are the only two 125+cc motorcycles in Hero’s lineup currently. The Glamour and the Passion have undergone an increment of Rs. 900, except on Glamour Blaze disc variant, the price of which remains unchanged.

The best-selling Splendor range (consisting of Splendor Plus, Splendor iSmart, and Super Splendor) has undergone a hike of between Rs. 450 to Rs. 825.

Hero Motorcycles Price List – January 2021
Motorcycles New Price Old Price
Xpulse 200 Rs. 1,15,230 Rs. 1,13,730
Xtreme 160R Disc Brake Rs. 1,06,950 Rs. 1,05,050
Xtreme 160R Drum Brake Rs. 1,03,900 Rs. 1,02,000
Glamour Disc Brake Rs. 75,400 Rs. 74,500
Glamour Drum Brake Rs. 71,900 Rs. 71,000
Glamour Blaze Drum Brake Rs. 73,100 Rs. 72,200
Glamour Blaze Disc Brake Rs. 76,600 Rs. 76,600
Passion Pro Disc Rs. 69,600 Rs. 68,700
Passion Pro Drum Rs. 67,400 Rs. 66,500
Super Splendor Disc Rs. 73,400 Rs. 72,950
Super Splendor Drum Rs. 69,900 Rs. 69,450
Splendor iSmart Disc Rs. 68,700 Rs. 68,150
Splendor iSmart Drum Rs. 66,500 Rs. 65,950
Splendor Plus Black Accent Rs. 65,295 Rs. 64,470
Splendor Plus i3S Rs. 65,295 Rs. 64,470
Splendor Plus Self Start Rs. 64,085 Rs. 63,260
Splendor Plus Kick Start Rs. 61,785 Rs. 60,960
HF Deluxe i3S Black Rs. 60,225 Rs. 60,225
HF Deluxe i3S Rs. 61,225 Rs. 59,800
HF Deluxe Self Start Rs. 59,900 Rs. 58,600
HF Deluxe Kick Start Rs. 51,200 Rs. 49,950
HF Deluxe Spoke Wheels Rs. 50,200 Rs. 48,950

Hero HF Deluxe’s price has been increased between Rs. 1,250 to Rs. 1,425, on all except the i3S Black variant, which has not seen a price revision.

Hero Super Splendor-3

Hero’s scooters have also undergone a price hike with the coming of the new year. The Destini 125 has seen an increment of Rs. 650 on the drum brake variant and Rs. 750 on the disc brake model, while the Maestro Edge 110 has received a hike of Rs. 500.

Hero Scooters Price List – January 2021
Motorcycles New Price Old Price
Destini 125 Disc Rs. 70,450 Rs. 69,700
Destini 125 Drum Rs. 66,960 Rs. 66,310
Maestro 125 Stealth Rs. 72,950 Rs. 72,950
Maestro Edge 125 Disc Rs. 71,450 Rs. 71,450
Maestro Edge 125 Drum Rs. 69,250 Rs. 69,250
Maestro Edge 110 ZX Rs. 63,450 Rs. 62,950
Maestro Edge 110 VX Rs. 61,950 Rs. 61,450
Pleasure Plus ZX Platinum Rs. 61,950 Rs. 60,950
Pleasure Plus VX Rs. 59,950 Rs. 58,950
Pleasure Plus LX Rs. 57,300 Rs. 56,800

The Pleasure Plus has seen a price revision of around Rs. 500 to Rs. 1,000. Interestingly, Maestro Edge 125 has not undergone a price hike, as it was introduced just a few months ago in its BS6 avatar.