Here’s Why You Should Carefully Inspect Your Vehicles Before Every Ride

snake in scooter

As India is currently under lockdown to curb the growth of CoronaVirus patients, cars and two-wheelers of the citizens are bound to remain parked over a prolonged period

The menace of CoronaVirus has had the entire country worried since last few days. The Government has taken various steps to curb the growth of the deadly virus, the most important of which is the 21-day long lockdown that has been enforced across the country. During this time, all citizens are advised to stay indoors and not use their cars or two-wheelers unless in case of a medical emergency.

With a ban on usage of vehicles, one thing that’s for sure is that our cars and motorcycles will remain unused for many days now. Over this period, the owners of vehicles are advised to disconnect the battery terminals, disengage the handbrake of cars and park in reverse and cover their vehicles after thoroughly cleaning them. However, it looks like a huge precaution will be required even after the lockdown ends.

As seen in the video that we have here, a snake has found its way into the headlamp cowl of an old-gen Honda Activa. It looks like the reptile found a new home in a scooter that was parked over a prolonged period. Thankfully, the snake was discovered well in time as things could have got really dangerous had the snake emerged out of the cowl while the scooter was in use.

This clearly shows that one should inspect his or her vehicle before resuming its use after the lockdown period comes to an end. It’s not unusual for snakes to find shelter in a vehicle as these cold-blooded creatures seek shelter in the warm confines of a vehicle’s panel or engine bay. Another reason for them to get attracted to cars and motorcycles is the soy-based wire coatings and insulations that the vehicles carry.

It’s noteworthy here that soy-based wire coatings, soy-based foam and soy-based carpets attract rodents. We are happy that the dangerous reptile was discovered in the headlamp fairing of the Honda Activa well before anyone could ride it. But this incident surely serves as a reminder for all vehicle owners to inspect their vehicles thoroughly of any sort of abnormalities before resuming their use in post lockdown period.