Gogoro Scooter India Launch in Planning, Patented

Gogoro Scooter India Launch

Gogoro scooter India launch expected in coming years, will India get attracted to these feature laden smart scooters?

Scooter segment in the Indian two-wheeler market has been doing good business in recent times. Sometimes it even had given the bikes segment a very tough fight. Now Gogoro, a Taiwanese company known for making smart scooters is all set to enter the highly competitive Indian two wheelers market with their products, as the Gogoro scooter has been patented in the country.

So, what is special in Gogoro smart scooters? The scooters look a bit unusual. The front fascia sports a swappable faceplate which the customer can switch according to his or her choices. The headlamp come in form of a rectangular LED unit with the corners rounded off and positioned at the middle of the front fascia. Accompanied the headlamp are the side turning indicators at both sides which are also LED units. These LED lights with smart technology which dims the lights when the scooter is stopped and they brightens when the scooter is passing through a tunnel.

Gogoro Scooter patented in India-2

The scooter gets an entirely digital instrument console displaying the information about the scooters system. So, no more old school analog dials. The handle bars come in silver coloured appearance. The rear of the scooter sports a LED tail lamp which runs almost the entire width of the rear fascia.

Gogoro Scooter India Launch-2

Power source for the scooter are two Gogoro batteries placed under the riders seat. These batteries run by gathering live data from over 25 sensors on-board the scooter, and let the rider push the scooter to the top speed of 95 kmph. These batteries produce a combined power output of 8.3 hp at 4000 rpm, and 25 Nm of peak torque at 0 – 2250 rpm. The Gogoro smart scooters can reach 0 – 50 kmph in 4.2 seconds, and it delivers a cruising range of 100 kilometers when travelling at 40 kmph speed.

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Gogoro scooters come equipped with a total of 80 sensors on-board which enables features like gathering riding pattern data, optimize power, tune the torque amount, and saving energy for further riding distance. The Gogoro scooters come with IOS and Android connectivity technology. It also offers sync facility with Apple watches.

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Through all these you can sync the scooter’s system with your smartphone or smart watch to control and receive various data about your scooter. It enables a 24 hours of connectivity between the scooter and its owner. You can also track your past rides, monitor the systems of the vehicle, keyless control and all of these in almost real times, as the scooter’s system updates every 10 minutes syncing the data to cloud storage network. You can recharge the batteries whenever needed at the GoStations, and the informations about the recharging stations is available through the Gogoro app.

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