Genze 2.0 Electric Scooter Showcased By Mahindra at Delhi Auto Expo 2016

mahindra genze 2.o electric scooter-2

Genze 2.0 Electric Scooter is the next generation solution to urban mobility as it offers zero emission and low cost of running

Genze is particularly a less known brand in the country. It has been doing rounds in the United State of America and in a very selected amount of states. The brand has been making electric scooters with Mahindra. Mahindra this time showcased it at the 2016 Auto Expo. Hoping that one day it could launch it here in home base and muster some sales and numbers out of it. Electric vehicles are gaining traction. The brand does itself with the help of REVA and makes the E2o which is quite an popular vehicle in the electric segment and is seen nation wide in few number roaming around the street.

With this scooter though, they want to make sure it reaches everywhere. The two wheeler market obviously is bigger and hence once it plans to come to the country it will take on a little of volumes. Genze is a Michigan based company which was bought by parent company Mahindra. The company is already 25 year old and is spread in many fields such as Aerospace, motorcycles, tractors and much more. Quick fact about the scooter is that it is hand built in the factory so quality levels are consistent and low demands means assembly line isn’t required in huge lengths.

mahindra genze 2.o electric scooter

Specification wise Genze 2.0 Electric Scooter has 48 km range and 48 top speed courtesy 1.6 Kwh battery which can be charged in 3.5 hours through a 110V in any standard outlet. The weight limit for this scooter is 138 kgs and it can accelerate from 0-48 km/hr in 8 seconds. The scooter just weighs 105 kgs. There are three riding modes such as easy, economy and sports for more versatility.

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Power is transferred directly and there is no transmission system. The frame which is attached to this engine is a powder coated aluminum frame. Telescopic forks, monoshock and disc on both end compliment the chassis. There are accessories, a lot of storage under the seat to make things more interesting. Future is unknown for this scooter in India but it is a small step to big change in huge automotive world of ours.

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