Ford Mustang Fully Destroyed In Fire After Driver Performed Mad Donuts – Video

ford mustang fire accident

The fire department was called to the scene of the incident only when it was too late as the fire spread throughout and destroyed the Mustang

This video is a wake-up call for many leading us to post this while giving you some vital information. Many people buy expensive cars, let alone supercars, to brag in front of a large gathering of crowd or in the least case to their friends. Money does buy you a well-equipped performance machine with mouth-watering horsepower numbers but it is essential to know how to use them and not get into trouble as this show-off did.

Supercars or hypercars start their life off as bedroom wall posters for many aspirants but only a few with good financial fortunes will be able to afford them and it further filters down to a concise lot who are compassionate about it. This video demonstrates the stupidity of a driver as he could not do anything but watch his Mustang burn to imminent death.

The clip of nearly 20 minutes came up on Sinclair Photos YouTube channel shows the dull-witted tragedy. Happened on a night in Westlake, Texas on a car gathering, the driver of the Mustang showed relentless attitude while flooring the throttle and continuously doing donuts.

The sixth generation Mustang uses a 5.0-litre V8 engine and it might not need to be tested beyond its rev limiter to perform donuts and impress your surroundings. It appears that the driver’s constant dipping of throttle led to exhaust overheating and the sorry state of the catalytic converter was such that the high temperatures almost melted it and set fire underneath.

Realising something was terribly wrong, the driver pulled over and jumped out of the Mustang as smoke poured out. Despite the hasty attempts to extinguish the fire with bottles of water, the situation only got exacerbated.

It must be noted that when you cannot completely cease the fire in less than a minute out of all your tries, the fire department should be altered to take immediate action. However, it did not seem to the case and when they arrived, it was too late as the Mustang was set ablaze and gone for good. The only good takeaway in the incident was that none got hurt as people were busy taking videos rather than helping out!