Force Gurkha Customised into Mercedes G-Class Looks Incredible

Modified Force Gurkha into G-Class 1

Force Gurkha customised into Merc G-Class has had the finest of details covered and we certainly appreciate its owner for that

People buy SUVs because they are a kind of style statement and express a certain character to the owner. An underlying truth is SUVs or crossovers can be taken to a tuning factory and customised according to the individual liking. Apparently, you can do so with the sedans or hatchbacks or vehicles with any other body styles but SUVs tend to have an unique knack of projecting itself separately even in a crowded place.

For that all you have to do simply is replace the stock tyres with larger and wider set of rubber and you will end looking like a boss turning your Bolero into some sort of a Hummer. Many off-roading fanatics do tend to go the heights in terms of making their SUVs a completely different piece of art. We here have something that will set your senses on fire:

Modified Force Gurkha into G-Class 2

On a normal day, Force rolled out this Gurkha as a stock off-roader but its owner had other ideas as it has been turned into a Mercedes-Benz G-Class with a touch of luxury written all over it. This modified Gurkha has not been finished yet but even then we cannot stop gazing at it, can you?

It all began when it owner decided to completely change the outlook of the front end as quite s lot of time was spent in making the replica to fit on the Gurkha taking inspiration from a scale model. The G-Class is known for its upright body panels and windshield and understanding their importance, the wheel arches have been restyled, roof elements are made a lot straighter, bumpers up and front are fabricated to go hand-in-hand with the front fascia.

Modified Force Gurkha into G-Class

The fenders, signature grille, DRLS, lighting units and side profile have undergone careful treatments to replicate the G-Class as well. In order to have a better build quality, the joints were welded and reinforced together while the body panels were applied with marine grade anti-rust body primer and sealants.

The X74 silver colour scheme looks as good as it gets and it has taken over five months to bring the Gurkha up to this stage of finish. Its proud owner has not revealed any information on how much money he had to shell out but as for the powertrain it retains the same 2.6-litre turbocharged diesel unit making 85 bhp and 230 Nm of torque – mated to a five-speed manual transmission. Kudos to the owner for doing this and we give a big thumbs up!
Modified Force Gurkha into G-Class 4

Source: TeamBHP