First Nexa Dealership Launched Today, S-Cross Launch on 5’th August

Maruti Suzuki Nexa ExperienceShowroom

Nexa Dealership finally comes to life, launched in Delhi, S-Cross will be first product under Nexa

Try and try until you succeed seems the basic rule for Maruti Suzuki in India. After failing to find success in India with products like SX4, Kizashi and Vitara and being silent for so long, Maruti Suzuki India has finally decided to make come back to the premium market in an all new avatar. The highly awaited and much talked about NEXA dealership concept has finally been launched in Delhi. The newly designed Nexa Dealership are to attract customers who are looking for premium cars and want complete premium experience top to bottom.

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The vehicles sold through Nexa Dealership will carry only Suzuki logo in between and wont carry the usual Maruti Suzuki nameplate. Nexa Dealership will have a black & white, monochrome colour scheme. The entire spotlight will be on the product and the delivery will also take place within the showroom.

Maruti Nexa Experience Dealerships India

Maruti Suzuki said that it has already employed 1000 relationship managers and will take this number up to 2500 in next 6 to 8 months for Nexa Dealership. For Nexa Dealership plan is to have around 35-40 Nexa Dealership operational in the initial stage and already 1,000 relationship managers have been hired. 100 Nexa Dealership will open up and hiring will be done and dusted before this fiscal year is over.

For Nexa Dealership, Maruti is hiring people from sectors such as hospitality, aviation and financial services to offer high-end premium experience. Nexa Dealership will be open in 30 cities through the country as 80% of the sales come through these areas. Expect per city two premium dealerships or even more in the future.


Another news is the fact that the Maruti Suzuki S-Cross is finally coming 5’th August 2015 and will be the first car to be sold through the Nexa Dealership. The S-Cross is all set to come with 1.6 diesel and 1.3 diesel engines. Both engines are fiat sourced motors which are tuned heavily to deliver the best. Localization of this engine has also commenced and its rated at 67%. Maruti has already posting high numbers when it comes to sales and this should help Maruti even more as more products are ready to take space in the showroom within the coming years.

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